This eBook contains an expert curated list of topics that are guaranteed to show up on the NPTE.

Don't bother studying an overwhelming book.

Dr. Rice has revealed the most common topics to appear on the test in his new

eBook: NPTE Content that Counts! Inside, you'll find a narrowed down list of key

topics that are sure to show up on the big day. This is the perfect guide

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The eBook is organized by body systems

that are tested on the NPTE

so you can easily create a study plan & calendar. It's time to stop guessing about what you need to study to pass the exam with this inclusive list of topics that are sure to show up on the NPTE! This eBook will reduce your study overwhelm

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Use the Content Calendar to remove any overwhelm you feel about

what topics to study & when to study them! Get prepared for the NPTE through the comprehensive eBook & Content Calendar that is organized by

every system that will be on the exam.


My scores on my practice tests did not increase until I started using the PT hustle resources. Coach K is straight to the point and I didn’t feel like I had to study one giant study book.

- Roxann L.

Coach K cuts through the fluff in the textbook and gives you the information you need to know for the exam.

- Edgar G.

It's time to stop reading clunky textbooks from cover to cover! This eBook allows

you to spend time and energy studying the material that is proven

to be on the NPTE! The eBook covers each system that is targeted on the NPTE so

you can have confidence that you know which topics will show up on exam day.


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